Luke 7:36-50

 Jesus is eating at the house of Simon the Pharisee . . . Suddenly a sinful woman bursts into the house and, “weeping she began to wet his feet with her tears and wiped his feet with her hair and kissed his feet and annointed them with ointment.” This woman teaches us alot about worship . . . she really lets her hair down. She courageously  bursts ino the house  of a Pharisee, who judgemently thought Jesus should have nothing to do with her. She didn’t care what anyone thought!  It is a wreckless, passionate, outburst of a heart that recognizes the worthiness of Jesus. She  falls at His feet like a humble slave, washing His feet . . .  an act saved for the lowest of slaves . . . not only that, she was the water poured out (her tears). She didn’t get anything to wipe His feet, but humbly used her hair to wipe them. She treated her hair like a rag . . . This communicates the massive worth of Jesus to her.

The reason given by Jesus for her actions is, “She has been forgiven much!” She had a large debt cancelled! Many of us would look at her like she was nuts for acting like that . . . but really this woman realized how undeserving of forgiveness she was, and how Jesus was her only hope . . . He was her hero. When she realized how much she needed Him, and how the highest had become low so He could lift her up . . . she lost it, and love . . . gratitude . . . worship exploded from her heart . . . pouring from her tear ducts . . . and led her to lavish Jesus with love to the point that she wiped His dirty feet with her hair. Now that’s real worship.