Revelation 22:4, ” . . . His name shall be on their foreheads.” Do you have a tattoo? I have several friends that have tattoos that say something about who they are in Christ. I have one friend that has a tatoo that says “forgiven”. I have another friend that has the word “grace” in greek tattooed on her body. Many people get tattoos in places that can be easily hidden, so they can hide them if they want to. Many do this because tattoos tend to be taboo in many circles. I have often thought about getting a tattoo, but decided I didn’t want one or need one.

When Jesus comes back and makes everything new it says that His people will, “See His face and His name will be one their foreheads” Rev.22:4. If you wanted a discrete tatoo, then your forehead would be the worst place to get it. Everyone sees your forehead, and if something was tattooed there it would probably be the first thing that caught their eye. This verse points to me being God’s temple, His treasured possession, and as John MacArthur says, “In biblical times one’s name spoke of his character. Writing His name on us speaks of imprinting His character on us and identifying us as belonging to Him”(note on Rev. 3:12 in his study bible).

tattoos are only skin deep, but the tattooing of HIS name on us speaks of not just artwork on our forehead screaming I belong to the KING of KINGs, but speaks of Him taking up residence in us and tattooing our hearts. . . imprinting His character on our hearts and making us new people . . .making us like Himself. Have you become Jesus’ possession? Have you had Him tattoo His name on your life?

I am not going to get a tattoo today, but I am going to seek to live in a way that screams, “I belong to Jesus!” and I am going to continue to spend time with Jesus, praying that He would tattoo His Word and His nature on my heart and make me more like Him. I am His temple, His possession, I am not my own. Jesus fill me up with yourself, for I belong to you. If what owned you and was imprinted on your heart  was tattooed on your forehead would your forehead be stamped with a big JESUS! or would it read something else?