I have always sang to my wife. She is so beautiful, and I’m so in love with her, that my heart has to express itself to her. When I hear love songs on the radio, my heart is stirred and my emotions are rekindled for her. Music is powerful. The way it expresses the heart and stirs the heart is unparalleled. It is a very intimate thing to look that chocolate browned eyed woman in the eyes and sing to her . . . the look in her eyes or the tender kiss she gives me tells me that I have touched her heart in a very special way. She feels cherished, adored, worth me doing something she knows I don’t think anyone else in the world deserves. I want that with God. I want to look out into the night sky and say, “Wow I can’t take this in!” I can’t imagine looking into your eyes, and I overflow to singing of His awesomeness. To think that I can communicate to this God that I cherish Him, I adore Him, that He is the only one listening as I strain my voice and have that frog well up in that  ‘I am about to cry feeling’, because I can’t handle the joy of being loved by such a lover. The only one worthy of me standing out in that beautiful night, serenading the love of my life, like I’m singing beneath your balcony. It is too much to take when I realize you delight in this moment even more than I do and you sing and dance over me. Wow! The music doesn’t just express my heart but it stirs it to a new depth, and new level. As I sing of my love for my wife or my God, it becomes more real and more deep to me. I can be having a busy day and a love song comes on the radio and I am stopped in my tracks. My love doesn’t go away, but the business of life can dull me into a slumber, then all of a sudden my heart is reminded of home and I ache for you, I am reminded of things I can’t believe that I forget. Lord I sing to you, because I love you and just telling you can’t communicate what my heart holds for you, it bubbles over into song. I want to be reminded of what my heart forgets and I want to be stirred to a greater depth, I want to share a romantic moment with you . . . get lost in you.