. . . make the most of every opportunity. . . Colossians 4:5 

I work for a vending and coffee company. I spend alot of time at work. I don’t believe that the vending and coffee business is my calling. I don’t wake up the morning dying to go to work even though its a good job and i praise God I am able to provide for my family, I get down sometimes that at this present time I am not employed by a church doing full-time ministry. We are very busy people with two precious little girls as well. Sometimes I get in coast mode just doing my responsiblities, just going through the motions. I am always exhausted, and get frustrated that I’m not vocationally, spiritually, or emotionally where I want to be. I love my wife and kids with everything in my heart, and that part of my life is awesome . . . but other than that I feel I am being wasted. I feel I waste the time I have with my family sometimes too.

Today God laid these words on my heart . . . “make the most of every opportunity.” Instead of thinking of the things in my life as things I want to do or don’t want to do, or that I do or don’t want to happen to me, or things that make me happy or sad, or letting time just evaporate as I go through the motions sedated by my lack of purpose or lack of zeal . . . I need to realize that every moment is an opportunity that is either taken or wasted. Every task I do, every person I meet, every conflict I have, every conversation I have, every place I go . . . is an opportunity.

Paul in the Bible was imprisoned and saw it as an opportunity to witness to the guards. Most people in prison probably just sit in there wasting the days because they are not were they want to be. Not Paul! Man this is rocking me right now. What if this new year I saw every opportunity as an opportunity to be Christlike? I need to see my job as a chance to do my best, as for the Lord and not for men.  Everytime I am mistreated as a chance to forgive and bless. Everytime I have a new relationship is a chance to radically love someone with the love of Christ. Every minute is an opportunity to live in His strength not mine. What if i jumped at every opportunity to share my faith. Every person I come across is someone to pray for. Every minute is a chance to serve, love, teach, endure, work etc,  mimicing my Savior. Every conversation, every place I go, everything I hear, everything that happens to me, etc.is an opportunity for Christ to live thru me, and grow me up in my faith and maturity.

I know that God is gonna put me back in a ministry position . . .but not sure when. My cousin recently told me, “maybe God is not ready to put you in that positon yet. That doesn’t mean you are not a minister! You can minister in your everyday life!” Don’t waste the relationships you have at work Joseph. Don’t waste the time you have to pray in your truck Joseph. Don’t waste time being bitter or frustrated Joseph. Don’t waste the time you have with your wife!  Love her like Christ loves the Churh. Don’t waste the time you have with your girls! Love them, and play with them, and disciple them! Take the opportunity to love people, grow closer to Christ, and walk by faith not sight. Take the opportunity to shine and be a star right were you are at!   I’m taking the opportunity to learn this lesson in a deeper way.